The Role of Absolute Return Multi-Asset Strategies in a Defined Contribution Plan

Multi asset strategies – particularly diversified growth funds (DGFs) – have found a broad appeal within defined contribution (DC) portfolios due to their potential to provide an attractive [...]

Reducing the Charge Cap – The Race to the Bottom

Almost seven million people are now members of defined contribution (DC) schemes through auto-enrolment. With DC forming the bedrock of many people’s retirement savings, building default funds [...]

Low Volatility Equities in DC Schemes

In Brief Investment returns matter. A lot. Whilst contributions serve as the foundation for future investment gains, it is the accumulation of investment returns over time that ultimately drives [...]

The 2016 DCIF Annual Event DC Pensions in the 21st Century

Join the DCIF on Thusday 28 April at JP Morgan for an afternoon of presentations and panel discussions focusing on the issues impacting the pensions world one year on from the introduction of the [...]